Workforce Capabilities

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Workforce Capabilities

Operations Management

In every program we operate, MAXIMUS focuses on the delivery of operational excellence. Our approach to operations management is to generate results that meet program goals while driving performance and quality service delivery from Day One of program operations throughout the life of the contract. MAXIMUS incorporates the critical components of structure, processes and procedures that align operations with performance objectives. We address changes, identify variances, define new approaches and communicate them to program staff and client stakeholders. Operations management encompasses the areas of data management, financial management, communications, knowledge management, quality control and integrity, planning and risk management, and training.

Case Management

MAXIMUS takes a person-centric approach to case management. We understand that each individual has a unique combination of views, life needs and circumstances, and workplace skills. Not everyone requires the same intensity of activities and support to achieve their employment goals. Our person-centric approach to providing job seeker services means that we take into consideration each individual’s entire situation, and work with them to create a pathway to their own unique and individual goals. 

Career Planning, Job Placement, Retention
and Advancement

The MAXIMUS Job Seeker Journey encompasses our person-centric approach to helping individuals prepare for, place and progress in meaningful work that leads to self-reliance and a pathway to a better quality of life. To that end, we help participants achieve employment success by gaining the appropriate training, soft skills and experience they need to successfully enter the job market and begin their career. We do this in three distinct yet highly customizable steps – prepare, place, progress.

  • Prepare. During the first step, case managers partner with individuals to help them prepare for life, work and career.
  • Place. The second step is designed to help individuals transition and then place into work.
  • Progress. The final step is providing our newly placed participants with a variety of supports to help them remain in their jobs and progress toward a career.

Skills Assessment and Training

Using a variety of tools from the MAXIMUS Job Seeker Journey Toolbox, we help participants prepare for meaningful work. Career inventories and other assessments allow us to gain a holistic understanding of each individual’s situation, skills, interests, barriers and experience. Using this knowledge, we create a career plan that maps out each individual’s ultimate career goals and then implement skill-building activities such as workshops and soft-skills training as well as internships, apprenticeships and work trials.

Employer Services, Including Prescreening,
Customized Training and Recruiting

MAXIMUS works directly with employers to understand their recruitment needs and match them with prescreened, job-ready candidates. We also partner with companies in various employment sectors, such as medical and retail, to develop customized training programs that prepare participants for employment in that specific industry. Additionally, our on-site recruiting events help employers find the right candidates without incurring advertising expenses.

Internships, Apprenticeships and Work Trials

Our partnerships with employers continue in the form of internships, apprenticeships and work trials. These partnerships benefit employers by providing them with access to qualified, dependable staff at little or no cost and risk – individuals they can train to meet their specific needs with the option to hire them as full-time employees in the future. Just as importantly, these partnerships provide opportunities for participants to gain practical, hands-on skills in an actual work environment. And because they are aligned to an identified occupational cluster, participants gain the real-world experience needed to obtain full-time, higher-wage employment.

Consulting and Advisory Services

MAXIMUS delivers a one-stop-solution for helping workforce agencies and workforce development boards meet their most difficult management and operations challenges. We offer a diverse menu of consulting and advisory services designed to improve services and achieve enhanced outcomes for the customers served, including business process assessment, organizational change management, stakeholder engagement, policy review and development, training development and delivery, strategic planning, continuous quality improvement, and state plan development. Our job is to help agencies turn their visions into best-practice reality. 

With a long and successful history of providing workforce development services, MAXIMUS understands the complexities of program operations, enabling us to offer agencies effective, customer-focused services and recommendations. Using our MAXIMUS Business Process Redesign (BPR) methodology we offer a disciplined approach to driving innovation, with the goal of establishing a workforce system based on best practices, continuous improvement, customer needs and collaboration. Our approach is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate unique client needs, while providing a disciplined structure for planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating service delivery. No matter how large or small the project, MAXIMUS assembles a seasoned team of staff to match the unique needs of the client.