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Rigorously reviewed online courses for research options and grant management

Online Courses for Sponsored Program Professionals

To help our clients receive and maintain federal funding, MAXIMUS offers a comprehensive suite of online courses for developing research and sponsored program capacity and compliance within organizations.  Our suite of Web-based solutions is supported by rigorously reviewed online courses that can be accessed for individual enrollment through the Grants Learning website.


CRA Online Review

Prepare for the Certified Research Administrator exam, offered by the Research Administrators Certification Council, with an online course that is comprehensive and works with your or your staff’s schedule.  For motivated learners, online education provides a flexible, enhanced learning experience that can lead to enhanced retention.  And, if you don’t pass the Research Administration Certification Council’s exam, you can retake the online course for FREE.  (18 hours)
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RA Basic (Research Administration Basic)

An online course designed to help new administrators and specialists understand the world of research administration.  The course is for new hires who have not yet started and for individuals within the first six months of employment.  The course introduces new administrators to the full scope of research administration operations, the parties, the expectations, and the federal regulations that govern our operations, while providing enrollees with a journaling experience which documents and assists with understanding your institutional policies, procedures and expectations.  (6 hours of seat time)

Direct Costing on Federal Sponsored Projects

Enrollees will develop an understanding of the federal allowability requirements for direct costing, along with the ability to identify core cost related issues of concern associated with federal funding.  The course is designed to develop within individuals the skills to provide proposal and award management support consistent with federal regulations.  (1.5 hours)

Federal Cost Principles and F&A Rates

An overview of 2 CFR 200’s Costing Principles addressing Purpose & Application, Cost Composition and Allowability, Unallowable Costs, Direct Costs, Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Costs (formerly “Indirect”), Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) & Disclosure Statement (DS-2), F&A Rate/Proposal Development, F&A Cost Pools, Sample Rate Development, and Working with Negotiators.  Course is designed to provide individuals who have limited understanding of rate development and the rate development process with a basic understanding.  (4 hours)

NIH Financial Conflict of Interest Regulations

NIH revised their financial conflict of interest regulations and expanded the requirements and applicability of the regulations.  This course provides an understanding of the need to disclose financial interests and the requirements for compliance with the regulations.  (2 hours)

Work Place Professionalism

Each course is approximately 30 minutes.  The courses are an excellent solution for preventing and addressing allegations of workplace misconduct.  The suite includes:

  • Professionalism
  • Business Ethics
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • HIPAA Compliance

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