Contact Centers

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Connecting people to government services through effective and friendly customer contact centers

Contact Centers

With more than 100 customer contact centers around the globe, we understand that effective contact centers serve as the front-line for information and customer service for connecting people to public programs. MAXIMUS brings decades of award-winning customer contact center experience, proven technology and knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Professional Staff that Deliver Quality, Scalable Service

Our friendly and professional customer care experts have a passion for helping people. We bring best practices for recruiting, hiring and training to find these unique individuals for our contact centers, which leads to higher retention rates and reliability. Our scalable process offers governments the ability to quickly and cost effectively staff-up to support implementation of new programs or program modifications.

Matching Services to Program Needs

MAXIMUS has the right contact center solution to meet your program needs. Our monthly call volumes at our various contact centers range from 40,000 to nearly one million interactions. We bring technology to bear, offering agencies and departments a menu of options to suit their requirements and objective. We offer a combination of services that include:

  • Live inbound-outbound call agents
  • Document processing including mail and fulfillment solutions
  • Personalized and targeted multi-channel customer contact services including services for multilingual, speech or hearing-impaired callers and special populations
  • Auto dialer & automated data entry
  • Support for electronic caseloads
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR), automatic call distributor
  • Case management
  • Performance measurement, analytics & reporting
  • Governance & compliance adherence processes