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LTSS Innovations in the Current Environment

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In this webinar session, Medicaid experts examined the impact of the changing Medicaid landscape on Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS), in particular home and community-based services. This interactive webinar focused on the importance of LTSS in sustainable, affordable and quality health care systems, as well as explored how states are deploying innovations in their LTSS programs.


Barbara Selter, Vice President of Health Services, MAXIMUS
Sharon Lewis, Principal, HMA
Camille Dobson, Deputy Executive Director, NASUAD
Mary Sowers, Director of Special Projects, NASDDDS


Recently, the national discussion about various health care reform proposals has raised public awareness and visibility of Medicaid’s role as the key funding source for LTSS. Yet LTSS is not an issue many Americans think about until it is needed. As most people are not financially prepared to pay for these services themselves – and the growth of Medicaid-funded LTSS continues to strain federal and state budgets – it is essential that states understand and prepare for these impacts on this critical part of our health care systems. 


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