Technology Cost Recovery Services

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Technology Cost Recovery Services

Most governmental entities have found that the growth and increasing complexity of their technology service organizations have created very real challenges for their billing systems and overall cost recovery processes. Few have moved very far from traditional models, due in part to the difficulty of defining and standardizing new services. During the last three decades, MAXIMUS has acquired an in-depth understanding of the design, mechanics and impact of cost allocation and rate development processes through our work with numerous state and local government technology service organizations. Our services include developing chargeback structures for mainframe, distributed processing, networking, voice, wireless and application development environments.

Benefits to You

MAXIMUS technology cost recovery services zero in on the concerns that are important to our clients through:

  • Focused information gathering. Our work with numerous governmental entities has given us specific insight into approaches that benefit our clients and allows us to bring fresh ideas to the table.
  • Alternative evaluation and modeling. We utilize our own software tools to model the leading alternatives in order to assess the financial and operational impact on your cost recoveries.
  • An easy to understand schedule of charges. We are able to present equitable and logical billing rate schedules that effectively communicate the technology services you provide to other agencies.
  • A cost allocation infrastructure that categorizes expenditures by service. A fair, equitable, and repeatable process, our plans are routinely reviewed and approved within the clients’ governance structure as well as federal cost negotiators and auditors.
  • A chargeback structure that takes into account how many units of service are consumed. Billings are based on actual service consumption, accurately and reliably measured, and routinely reported to users.
  • The ability to see the consequences of your usage. Our rate structure reflects opportunities for users to realize economies based on which services they use and how they use them.
  • Cost analysis that allows the client to assess competitive alternatives for service delivery. Costs are carefully calculated, allowing you to focus on instances in which alternative service strategies should be pursued.
  • A cost allocation scheme that is compatible with your goal of optimizing federal cost recovery while remaining compliant with federal rules and regulations. Our cost/rate structure is creative and responsive to today’s technical and service environments, without jeopardizing important federal recoveries.