Session 3 – New Financial Expectations

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Implementing Personal Responsibility Requirements

Session 3 – New Financial Expectations

Recording | Slides | December 14

In this webinar session, Medicaid experts will continue our discussion on proposed personal responsibility requirements by focusing on the increased interest in financial contributions from enrollees – via premiums, copays and HSA-like accounts. In some proposals the contributions are mandatory and even trigger eligibility for Medicaid enrollment. This session will explore lessons learned from programs implemented and key considerations required when designing cost-sharing programs. 


Kathleen Nolan, Managing Principal, Health Management Associates


Kathy Stiffler, Acting Medicaid Director, State of Michigan

Pat Casanova, Principal, Health Management Associates
(Former Medicaid Director, State of Indiana)


Recent waiver requests reflect a growing emphasis on policy changes that encourage personal responsibility and self-reliance for adult Medicaid beneficiaries. As this approach has significant implications to Medicaid operations, it is essential states begin now to develop the checklist of changes required to implement these new policies.