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Extend your reach. Achieve OFCCP compliance

MAXOutreach® OFCCP Compliance

The OFCCP requires companies with federal contracts to thoroughly track Internet recruiting activities. Under these strict regulations, federal contractors and subcontractors not only have to maintain stringent records for reporting purposes, but must establish relationships that reflect their outreach efforts in a consistent manner across all applicants.

MAXOutreach OFCCP Compliance is an unrivaled job-distribution and tracking solution for companies with OFCCP recruiting and reporting requirements. It links employers to more than 17,000 state job service agencies, veterans organizations and disability assistance groups across the country that help identify job opportunities for individuals who meet OFCCP hiring criteria. Employers can tap into this vast national network of resources and quickly identify and target the assistive organizations in close proximity to their job openings.

MAXOutreach OFCCP Compliance makes it easy for employers to recruit the right candidates for compliance and satisfy OFCCP relationship-building requirements. See how it works.

On-demand reporting for real-time compliance readiness

In addition to expanding employers' access to a diverse pool of job candidates through OFCCP outreach resources, MAXOutreach OFCCP Compliance provides them with the added convenience of online, on-demand reporting.

  • Track and capture outreach activity with ease and efficiency
  • Significantly minimize the time spent preparing own reports
  • Mitigate discrimination risks that can lead to adverse actions against business
  • Improve preparation for potential audits
  • Earn the reputation of a trusted, well-respected employer

Unmatched job distribution and reporting. Unprecedented OFCCP advantages.

MAXOutreach OFCCP Compliance gives employers distinct advantages for OFCCP compliance. No other job service touting OFCCP benefits can say the same about their offerings.

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