Medicaid Expansion

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Helping Medicaid beneficiaries make well-informed decisions about their health plans

Medicaid Expansion

Under health care reform, Medicaid is the key building block to expanding coverage to millions of newly eligible individuals.  We understand the challenges states face in effectively dealing with increased program volumes and managing costs. MAXIMUS provides practical and cost-effective solutions to accommodate these increasing demands.

MAXIMUS offers states unparalleled experience in Medicaid. Since the beginning of Medicaid managed care, MAXIMUS has partnered with states to provide:

  • Easy ways to enroll consumers
  • Effective educational materials
  • Convenient, friendly and comprehensive customer support

Increase Choice Rates Through Outreach & Education

We understand that multi-channel access and good communication is essential when helping Medicaid consumers make health plan choices.

We make enrolling easy and convenient. Our educational materials communicate complex health information in a consumer-friendly manner.  We empower consumers with communications  materials to make the best health plan choices. Our enrollment programs average an 80%+ consumer choice rate – meaning that more than 80% of consumers have made a well-informed health plan decision based on our objective and responsive services.  Most importantly, our professionals live and work in the communities we serve and thoroughly understand the needs of consumers.

Medicaid Enrollment & Expansion

The addition of millions of people to Medicaid programs across the country will put enormous demands on states with limited resources.  We can provide state clients with:

  • Technology and business processes (Web, mail, fax, call centers) that support eligibility and consumer-selected enrollment to health insurance plans
  • Personal and self-service customer assistance
  • Multiple options of applying and renewing services
  • Increased voluntary choice rates and reduced churn rates
  • Accurate and timely eligibility determination and tracking
  • Express lane eligibility
  • Technology-enhanced business process improvement for more effective operations

Reaching Underserved Populations

Individuals who have access to services that support preventative care maintain healthier lives, but far too many individuals who are eligible for Medicaid are not enrolled. We help states connect with hard-to-reach, underserved populations to improve access to preventative and primary health care. We partner with states to:

  • Target outreach efforts
  • Create easy-to-use traditional and online educational materials
  • Offer friendly, helpful customer service
  • Help beneficiaries select the health plan that best meets their needs