Long-Term Services & Supports

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DecisionPoint for
Long-Term Services & Supports

Innovative approaches for managing the growth
and quality of long-term care programs

Existing long-term services & supports programs are struggling to address several challenges. These include the significant growth projected for the elderly population (which is expected to grow 80 percent by 2030), the increase in persons with disabilities, and the complex management of dual eligibles (citizens who are eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare). As a result of this changing landscape, many of the current delivery systems for long-term care programs are insufficient and antiquated –with a focus on costly and less desirable institutional care.

DecisionPoint® for Long-Term Services & Supports (LTSS) provides advanced methodologies for LTSS programs that combine new technology, enhanced customer service and pioneering workforce strategies to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Through the acquisition of Ascend, a provider of independent, specialized health assessments and data management tools for government agencies, MAXIMUS has augmented our LTSS capabilities. We are now able to serve even more individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, behavioral health diagnoses, and complex physical or medical conditions. We help them receive the services and support they need through accurate, conflict-free and compliant assessment services.

With a focus on shifting care from institutions to home and community-based settings, DecisionPoint for LTSS is designed around a patient-centered model.
DecisionPoint for LTSS delivers these key components:

  • Provide specialized assessments to ensure individuals receive the appropriate care and supports to improve their quality of life.
  • Manage complex programs that allow states to serve vulnerable populations on a statewide basis with fair and accurate health care services.
  • Help states maintain compliance with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations.
  • Build paperless authorization and information systems to provide states with the speed, accuracy, and access to the data needed to inform policy and program decisions and improve the delivery of health care.  

DecisionPoint for LTSS brings this experience together to help simplify complex, paper-heavy workflows and provide algorithmic, Web-based tools and applications to streamline both processes and communications. We customize our services to match each states’ needs by developing sophisticated data system architecture for reporting and data analysis to provide a comprehensive, LTSS solution.

DecisionPoint for Long-Term Services & Supports is a patient-centered model designed to help states meet triple aim for their Medicaid long-term care programs.