Location Benefits - Tax Incentives

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Turning your capital investments into tax credits

Location Benefits - Tax Incentives

With nearly two decades of experience, MAXIMUS is the leader in processing federal, state and local benefits for customers across all 50 states, realizing incentives of up to $9 million per facility. We are a founding member, officer and major participant of the National Employment Opportunity Network (NEON) and its predecessor, the National Association of Tax Credit Organizations (NATCO).

Location Benefits are negotiated and/or statutory tax incentives offered to businesses to encourage economic development, often in designated empowerment zones. Keeping up with the wide array of available benefits and knowing the rules for recognizing such benefits can be a daunting and time-consuming task for most organizations, so many companies rely on experts like MAXIMUS to administer their Location Benefits, including:

  • Real and personal property tax abatement
  • Income and franchise tax reductions
  • Sales tax exemptions and refunds
  • Utility sales tax exemptions
  • Utility rate reductions
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Green building consultation and incentive capture
  • Brownfields

Generating Savings for our Clients

As with all the tax credit programs we administer, our goal is to reduce our clients’ workload, thereby reducing operating costs and generating bottom-line savings. We work side-by-side with your real estate and tax teams to coordinate identifying and claiming procedures. This ensures that you not only identify new business locations that offer the greatest tax incentives, but also comply with the associated reporting requirements. Our services include:

  • Determining whether a site is in a qualified empowerment zone
  • Interpreting diverse and complex legislation
  • Negotiating with local authorities to maximize incentives
  • Preparing economic impact reports to support negotiations for major investment and job creation projects
  • Filing applications
  • Assisting in obtaining required documentation
  • Handling administration of annual paperwork

Helping You When Disaster Strikes

“Our business had four locations impacted by the 2005 storms. We partnered with the MAXIMUS to help secure over $225,000 in tax credits, which was critical to the success of getting our employees back to work and ensuring business continuity for our valued customers.”

– National Retail Customer