Grants Management & Compliance Training

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Training in research operations and grants management and maintaining compliance with federal requirements

Grants Management
& Compliance Training

As part of their grant acceptance requirements, federal agencies now mandate training for faculty, staff and students in a variety of areas. Institutions are becoming increasingly aware of the need to ensure their employees understand organizational expectations and management requirements.

Education, Training and Compliance

To help our clients receive and maintain federal funding, MAXIMUS offers a comprehensive suite of online solutions for training, tracking, evaluating and documenting research staff competency and requirements completion. Working with MAXIMUS will help ensure you have a training solution that works with your organizational needs.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Individual Courses — Individual courses can be accessed through the MAXIMUS Grants Learning website or institutions can purchase courses from our suite and upload it directly to their LMS. Our courses for institutional license are SCORM compliant and can be customizable to fit your operational needs.

Learning Management System and Courses — Along with courses, institutions can take control of their training and educational offerings with their own learning management system.  Our learning management solutions provide organizations with the ability to develop their own expanded course offerings.  Our solutions support hosted and local installation.  A hosted solution provides institutions with the capacity to manage course registrations, enrollment and certification without site management responsibilities.

Workshops to Enhance Leadership, Teambuilding and Performance — As a professional in research support and leadership, you know how important it is to keep current on what is happening in your field as well as be informed about myriad legal, regulatory, and ethical complexities. Moreover, with major changes occurring in the research realm, you will be expected to implement, lead and embrace these changes with confidence and poise. 

The MAXIMUS Higher Education Practice stands ready to support you in your endeavors. In a special collaboration with Rocky Mountain Human Services' Center for Technical Assistance and Training, we are pleased to offer a number of leadership, teambuilding and performance-improvement programs that will help you and your colleagues sharpen skills, gain insights and turn challenges into productive learning opportunities. Learn more...