Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems

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Helping states efficiently and accurately manage, analyze and use their education data

Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS)

State Education Agencies (SEAs) face the challenge of efficiently and accurately managing, analyzing and using education data, including individual student records within and across agencies. SEAs need a SLDS COTS solution that is comprehensive, affordable, vendor neutral and tool agnostic. In addition SEAs need professional services to design, implement and maintain their SLDS applications.


MAXIMUS provides a robust K-12 or P-20 COTS student longitudinal data warehouse and decision support system that allows SEAs to integrate and expand existing data systems (pre-school through post-secondary education and workforce outcome) within and across agencies to allow for maximum transparency, accountability, and decision quality information. Our professionals apply a knowledge of systems architecture and educational software applications to deliver increased performance, scalability, usability, efficiency and reliability, while streamlining processes that will decrease total cost. Our solution helps SEAs to:

  • Generate and publish reports through a central Web portal
  • Replace labor-intensive tasks with configurable input and output models
  • Prioritize immediate needs through incremental report delivery
  • Optimize a reporting environment that utilizes business intelligence and evolves accordingly
  • Reduce upkeep costs by eliminating redundant and repetitive maintenance
  • Create customized reporting models for different business users
  • Deliver customized, Web-based reports to end users throughout the organization
  • Develop requirements and reports interactively to meet present and future needs
  • Integrate numerous data sources to extract, transform and load data

MAXIMUS SLDS Professional Services

Along with the MAXIMUS SLDS Solution, SEAs will have the thought leadership and tactical recommendations of MAXIMUS experts to help ensure an industrial strength infrastructure through which states can design, implement and maintain their SLDS applications. Our Professional Services include:

  • Data integration strategy and planning
  • Requirements analysis
  • SLDS solution design and development
  • Extraction, transforming, and loading (ETL) design and development
  • Implementation services
  • Stakeholder outreach and change management
  • Training and documentation
  • Web-based portal development
  • End user and public outreach and support