Grant Management

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Building stronger higher education institutions through comprehensive enterprise assessments

Grant Management

Sponsored Projects Enhancement

Pre- and Post-Award Services

MAXIMUS offers institutions a full range of sponsored program enhancement services from comprehensive enterprise assessments and change management, to staffing and consulting, to automated grant management solutions, to training and capacity development.

Organizational service, efficiency and growth are key drivers in the success of your institution. MAXIMUS can assist you with a qualitative and quantitative assessment of your organization’s sponsored program enterprise, plans for strategic expansion and capacity enhancement. We can help you:

  • Maximize your research, service, and education funding potential
  • Manage service centers, support expansion, and eliminate barriers to research
  • Identify and recommend a staffing model to insure you have balanced resources to help you improve competitiveness and reduce risk
  • Improve your organization risk position
  • Assist in the appropriate staff training to improve effectiveness and reduce turnover
  • Respond to audit inquiries

Our services include business process review and improvement and compliance risk assessments which can help leadership understand the organization’s service weaknesses and risk.  We also work with institutions to assess operational capacity and staffing needs. 

Our Sponsored Projects Enhancement Services include: