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Providing consulting services to help you navigate the Facilities & Administrative process

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Consulting Services

F&A Proposal Services


Our Comprehensive Rate Information System™ (CRIS™), now available on a sophisticated .Net platform, automates the F&A rate calculation to assist you with the preparation of your F&A proposal. Offering flexible levels of support, our experts perform complex analyses in CRIS™ to maximize your reimbursement. Full outsource services are also offered where we load the University data into CRIS™ and prepare the Proposal.


Working closely with your staff to ensure your proposal is of the highest quality, we provide technical level data support, as well as direction and strategy specific to proposal methodology. We also offer custom workplans and timelines to assist in that process.


To increase the quality of your F&A proposal, our CRIS™ experts analyze your CRIS™ models and review the efforts of your staff to complete the space survey and the proposal. This is accomplished through diagnostic and critical reviews of your F&A proposal.


Our experienced negotiators can assist you in attaining excellent F&A rates. Our professionals negotiate over a dozen F&A proposals each year with varied rate increases for a number of institutions. We have negotiated in and have good working relationships with all four HHS- DCA regions and ONR-DCAA.

Space Survey Development

We assist you in conducting a space functionalization survey, utilizing the same methodology used by the Federal Government. We prepare instructions, develop definitions, conduct department training sessions and complete quality control reviews to assure your space survey is defensible. Our WebSpace™ system allows you to select the rooms to survey, establish roles for department and central administrators, incorporate payroll data, substantiate survey results and review a variety of reports summarizing the survey status and results.


When you conduct your own survey, we review the survey to improve its acceptability to the Federal Government. Our staff can show you where your space surveys are likely to be challenged and how to defend these challenges, reducing unwelcome surprises during negotiations. We also perform the same Base-Space review and analysis, utilizing CRIS™ reports, as is done by the Federal Government.