Teen Living Addresses Homelessness in Chicago

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July 30, 2013

Each year, 25,000 Illinois youth experience homelessness.* Teen Living Programs (TLP) creates hope and opportunity by helping youth permanently leave the streets, find and secure stable housing, and build self-sufficient and satisfying lives. TLP is a spring 2013 grant recipient of the MAXIMUS Foundation.

TLP’s street and community outreach program makes more than 12,000 contacts with local youth each year. TLP intensively serves 300 young people a year through three residential programs—an emergency shelter, a transitional living program, and an independent living program. TLP also provides outreach and aftercare programs, which include wraparound supportive services in education, employment, recreation, and health care. TLP has seen tremendous success with this model:

  • 85% of youth were reunited with their families or placed in other safe and stable housing
  • 58% secured and maintained stable housing for at least 6 months after leaving TLP
  • 71% demonstrated standard competencies for living independently
  • 63% secured employment
  • 62% completed or were enrolled in a formal education/career training program
  • 59% knew how to manage their physical and mental health through health professionals

*University of Illinois, 2005

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