Teaming Up in Texas

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May 22, 2014

Brownsville’s Moody Clinic, a 2014 spring grantee of the MAXIMUS Foundation, is a nonprofit rehabilitation clinic where 5000 children receive speech, physical, and occupational therapy each year, regardless of their ability to pay. Brownsville Foundation Ambassador Alex Sandoval and several of her MAXIMUS teammates recently took an opportunity to participate in and see first-hand the services Moody provides.

“The clinic, located at 1901 E. 22nd Street is something of a well-kept secret, but to the medical community and the people who depends on its’ services it is an essential part of Brownsville”, Sandoval said. MAXIMUS staff were able to interact one on one with the children as well as their parents. “The Moody Clinic stayed here for 61 years because of support from the community, and we continue to rely on support from them”, Deborah Sears, Moody’s longtime executive director and speech therapist, went on to say.

Foundation funding will specifically support an early intervention outreach and awareness campaign so that developmental disabilities in children can be found and treated early. Through a media blitz in English and Spanish, families of the four county area of the Rio Grande Valley will be made aware of what to watch for regarding typical progressive milestones in their child’s growth.

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