A Supportive Space for Patients with Cancer

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July 11, 2013

When comedian Gilda Radner visited a cancer support clinic for her advanced ovarian cancer in the mid-1980s, she didn’t know she would find others sharing her fears and confusion. “I joined an elite club that I’d rather not belong to,” she shared. Before losing her two and a half year battle with cancer, Gilda met and shared her experiences with so many others who faced similar challenges in dealing with cancer. Today, Gilda’s Club provides a much-needed network of support for thousands of people coping with cancer diagnoses.

The MAXIMUS Foundation is proud to feature Gilda’s Club as another recent grant winner. At Gilda’s Club, members enter a community where no one must pretend to “act normal” about having cancer. Gilda’s Club creates an environment where members relax and speak openly among friends. The program hopes to give participants a community of individuals who shares the same confusions, fears and challenges. Realizing that both social and emotional support is an essential part of treatment, access is open and free-of-charge to anyone looking for support, including family and friends.

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