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June 27, 2016

We often think of the struggles of poverty during the cold holiday season, but the summer months bring new challenges for many poor individuals. The added cost of items such as sunscreen, goggles and bathing suits can present a true burden for those on a tight budget, making summer a difficult season for many families.

MAXIMUS employees and the MAXIMUS Foundation collected 10 bins filled with a wide variety of safety items to help keep local homeless and low-income youth from exposure to harmful UV Rays and sweltering heat this summer.

These items were donated to Cornerstones, a Virginia-based nonprofit organization, which helps our neighbors-in-need overcome tough economic times. Poverty is a major issue in the Reston area in part because of the high cost of living in the region. Organizations like Cornerstones, which work to promote self-sufficiency and advocacy for those in need, can be a major force for positive change in the community. All items collected at our local offices will be distributed to three of Cornerstones’ programs: the Laurel Learning Center, the Embry Rucker Community Shelter and their Community Resource Centers.

Each of us can become a Cornerstone and help people build more stable lives by connecting them to vital resources that solve their needs for housing, childcare, food or financial assistance. The majority of the children that attend The Laurel Learning Center’s programming come from working families in the area that receive some form of assistance from Fairfax County. Likewise, the individuals and families that reside at the Embry Rucker Community Shelter face the difficult process of transitioning to stable housing. Although these members of our community lead incredibly stressful lives, summer safety donations and the other amazing programs run by Cornerstones help to alleviate some of the pressures they face. Learn more about Cornerstones by visiting their website.

With support, a parent can focus more on maintaining stable employment and paying bills because they know that their children are safe, happy and well cared for. Thank you for your contributions!

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