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September 06, 2013

An Achievable Dream (AAD) is a nationally recognized K–12 public/private partnership dedicated to the belief that all children can learn and succeed regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds and that education can break the cycle of poverty. Now in their 20th year, AAD has consistently maintained a 99% on-time graduation rate; 95% of students have gone to college and 5% have joined the military. Research shows that children raised in poverty, compared to their more affluent peers, are more likely to perform below grade level in academic subjects, more likely to repeat grades and be placed in remedial classes, less likely to be in college-preparatory programs, and more likely to be expelled. The mission of An Achievable Dream, a Spring 2013 Foundation Grantee serving areas in Newport News, VA where a staggering 100% of students are eligible for free and reduced school lunches, is to raise the academic proficiency and social competence of disadvantaged students by extending the amount of time spent in school and through implementation of their Social, Academic and Moral Education (SAME™) model for the curriculum. AAD understands the need to cultivate a school culture that builds essential skills for problem-solving, critical thinking, and active leadership that students need to succeed in college and beyond. The MAXIMUS Foundation sponsors supplies and activities during a four-week Summer Intersession, helping to lessen the learning loss that occurs over extended summer breaks and keep a vulnerable population on track for achieving their goal of breaking the cycle of poverty.

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