Mobile Market Encourages Healthy Habits

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July 25, 2013

Serve, Empower, Transform (SET) Ministries works to fight poverty and empower individuals in the greater Milwaukee area, serving more than 5,000 adults, children and families each year. SET Ministries empowers these individuals by helping them learn to serve their own basic needs, such as food, health care, stable housing and financial stability.

The MAXIMUS Foundation provided grant funding for SET’s Mobile Market, which uses food trucks to bring healthy food into underserved neighborhoods. Through partnerships with community organizations, Mobile Market sets up mini grocery stores that offer shoppers items that are up to 30% cheaper than those in traditional grocery stores.

Without these mini stores, many older residents, some with disabilities, must visit local corner markets that have a limited selection of fresh vegetables and meat, often at higher prices. With the help of organizations like the MAXIMUS Foundation, the Mobile Market empowers residents to select healthy food choices.

But Mobile Market will do more. The market creates a forum that will be used for health education, such as nutrition education, blood pressure checks, weight checks and safe food preparation. The design for this educational approach is already in progress in partnership with the UW Center for Urban Population Health, the Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Fund and the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). Through interactions between community members and academics, strong partnerships evolve, and an understanding develops about how to effect change at multiple levels to reduce health disparities.

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