McClendon Center Provides Healing, Help and Hope through Mental Health Services

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January 15, 2015

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), more than 43 million American adults have some form of mental illness, a disorder of the brain that impacts all aspects of daily living. Mental illness is often described as an invisible condition and many with mental illness suffer alone and face stigma from society. Organizations like McClendon Center offer much-needed healing, help and hope to individuals who require mental health services.

Operating under their mission to prepare people recovering from mental illness to improve their quality of life, this past year, Washington, D.C.-based McClendon Center served:

  • Nearly 800 outpatient consumers through more than 14,000 Community Support visits
  • More than 200 clients through more than 2,000 Medication Management
  • More than 100 clients through more than 820 individual psychotherapy or group therapy sessions
  • More than 100 adults through Day Program services

One of the best parts about serving on the MAXIMUS Foundation Board of Directors is learning more about our grantees and the populations they serve. At a McClendon Center event, I watched a very inspiring video of stories from clients. One client really stood out to me. Dorothy suffered from alcoholism, bipolar disorder and traumatic stress disorder. When she first came to McClendon Center, she was in despair and highly skeptical that they could help her. Today, she is celebrating three years of sobriety and her experience with McClendon Center has helped her address her feelings and addictions. Dorothy realized she was not alone and shared that her connection to McClendon Center has been, “the best thing that happened to me.”

By fostering creativity, friendship, stability, independence, emotional growth, and greater participation in our local community, McClendon Center is promoting personal growth and healing to so many in need. The MAXIMUS Foundation is pleased to provide financial support to McClendon Center through our grant program.

Christine Vaughn Graham is a member of the MAXIMUS Foundation Board of Directors. She also manages internal and external communications for MAXIMUS as the Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications.

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