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May 14, 2014

The recent abduction of more than 300 Nigerian young girls from their school has shocked and saddened many around the world. Taken by the Nigerian home grown terrorist group Boko Haram, more than 200 of these girls remain missing and are now are at risk of being sold into slavery. The term tragic falls short of sufficiently describing this situation. Most in the United States are unaware, however, that the tragedy of human trafficking is very much a reality taking place every day in their own back yards. Occurrences in the United States take place so commonly, in fact, that the FBI estimates human trafficking represents a staggering 9.5 billion dollar illegal business domestically.

This spring, we were pleased to receive an application from and award grant funding to Love146. Love146, which is based in New Haven, CT, provides holistic care for survivors of child sexual exploitation and journeys with victims as they reintegrate with their communities. In addition to these wrap around services, Love146 also provides prevention workshops for vulnerable youth. Thanks to MAXIMUS Foundation funding, Love146 will be able to provide three, four-part prevention workshops in the coming year for an estimated 300 youth.

Utilizing “Tell Your Friends”, a prevention education curriculum, Love146 will educate, protect and empower at-risk youth in high schools, residential facilities and other community settings. Tell Your Friends is designed to reduce the risk of commercial sexual exploitation of teen girls and boys. This includes, but is not limited to, children in the foster care system, runaway and homeless youth, minority youth, youth that identify as LGBTQ, and those with a history of complex traumatic stress – resulting from continuous exposure to family dysfunction, trauma, sexual abuse and other forms of abuse.

Learn more about Love146 here.

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