A Home Away from Home for Children

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September 15, 2014

“We give parents a day off and give children a day to remember.” That’s the motto of Brenda Solomon, Co-Founder of Jill’s House, a spring 2014 MAXIMUS Foundation grantee. Inspired by personal experience, Brenda and her husband Lon created Jill’s House in order to support families of children with special needs. The organization is rooted in the Greater Washington D.C. area, where it has served the community for nearly four years. With a strong sense of empathy, it provides dual services: it offers children with physical and intellectual disabilities a center for recreation and development, while also offering their families a chance for emotional and financial respite.

Jill’s House functions as a 42,000 square-foot “respite resort” in Vienna, VA. It hosts children ages 6 to 17 for both day-time and overnight stay, welcoming typical siblings as well. The facility is equipped with a playground, creative center, dining center, and more. At Jill’s House, each child is given the individual attention they need, with a dedicated staff of professionals. When their stay at the center comes to close, the children return to their families, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the new day. To date, Jill’s House has served well over 350 families and their children with special needs.

To learn more about Jill’s House, watch this video from Co-Founder Brenda Solomon or visit their website.

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