Edinburg Employees Get the Most out of Monthly Meeting

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August 29, 2013

The Rio Grande Children’s Home in Mission, Texas provides a loving home for children and sibling groups in an effort to keep families together. Amid difficult circumstances, house parents and a committed staff provide emotional and educational support that helps nearly 70 children a year to build their sense of self-worth and to discover achievable dreams early in life. Evidence of their work was enough to secure a spring grant award from the MAXIMUS Foundation, and we are proud to report the ongoing effort of the MAXIMUS Enrollment Broker/Texas Health team based in Edinburg who are helping the Children’s Home meet its’ challenging goals.

Recently, the usual monthly staff meeting included a presentation by Monica Skrzypinsk, a representative of Rio Grande Children’s Home, on her organization’s experience in working with disadvantaged children on the Mexico/Texas border. MAXIMUS staff attending the presentation learned that many children arrive at the Children’s Home with nothing other than the clothes on their backs. In response, team members decided to put a twist on their normal routine at the next monthly gathering, this time bringing clothes, shoes, and other supplies for Children’s Home beneficiaries instead of the typical food and refreshments. Their effort made a very real impact. “I would like to thank each and every one of you for your donation to the families we serve”, Ms. Skyrzpinsk later went on to say, “Please be assured that every donation makes it to the hands of a family that needs it.”

For their choice to go above and beyond to support the children in the community in which they live and work the MAXIMUS Foundation must also give kudos. Their work illustrates the type of caring individuals that serve on the MAXIMUS team in Texas. Thank you!

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