Conference Challenge Produces a Ton of Supplies

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June 26, 2014

Vice President of Business Development Anna Sever presents the merits of her team’s “Tower of Triumph”. The items were then donated to two local pantries.

MAXIMUS held its 8th annual Project Manager’s Conference last week. The conference, themed “Excellence in Execution and Expansion”, brought together employees from around the globe to learn about and share their experiences from their respective projects. One of the conference’s highlights came during a Tuesday night event sponsored by the MAXIMUS Foundation: the “Tower of Triumph.” The event focused on encouraging networking through fun, cooperative service. Participants separated into teams, which competed in challenges to earn cans of food and drink and other basic supplies. The teams used their winnings to build pyramids which were then judged by members of the Foundation for their stability, height, and connection to the Conference theme. At the end of the event, the supplies, contributed by the Foundation and individual attendees, were donated to two local D.C. food kitchens – Fauquier Food Bank as well as recent grant recipient So Others Might Eat (SOME). Tracy Jefferson of SOME was on hand to accept the teams’ contributions. “It warms my heart to see every roll of toilet paper and every can of juice,”Jefferson shared. The event provided more than one ton of supplies in total for the kitchens.

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