Board Member Gains Perspective on Local Organizations

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August 13, 2013

Board Member Christine Vaughn Graham (right) presents MAXIMUS Foundation grant award at WETA offices in Arlington, VA.

A member of the MAXIMUS Foundation Board for 2 years, Christine Vaughn Graham reflects on her involvement.

At MAXIMUS, my everyday job includes corporate marketing and communications. So I was excited to bring these areas of expertise to the MAXIMUS Foundation Board of Directors.

Employee contributions make up a significant portion of the Foundation’s funding, so I hoped my involvement would help the Foundation staff accomplish two internal goals: increase awareness of the Foundation’s purpose and activities, and facilitate greater participation through contributions. It’s easy for me to promote the Foundation to our employees because I truly believe it is an effective and strategic way to give back to the local communities where we live and work.

One of the best parts about serving on the MAXIMUS Foundation Board of Directors is delivering grant checks to local organizations. By meeting with staff and touring facilities, I see firsthand how our financial assistance will be put to meaningful use. It’s also helped me gain a wider perspective and appreciation for the non-profit organizations serving my local community in Northern Virginia.

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