Cost Allocation Plans

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Protecting your funds with experienced cost allocation plan specialists

Cost Allocation Plans

Preparing Cost Allocation Plans (CAPs) is no simple endeavor. It requires in-depth understanding of federal and state rules and regulations, meticulous attention to detail and a well-designed software program. Additionally, CAPs are critical to city, county and state leaders as they make important management decisions that require accurate cost data.

As the industry leader in the analysis and preparation of complex CAPs, Statewide Cost Allocation Plans (SWCAPs), and Public Assistance Cost Allocation Plans (PACAPs), MAXIMUS knows what it takes to deliver plans you can count on. For more than four decades, we have helped state and local governments recover millions of dollars of costs associated with managing federal and state programs. Our experienced staff has conducted a variety of successful engagements in all facets of CAPs including development, preparation, negotiation, implementation and maintenance. We utilize our proprietary software ─ MAXIMUS Cost Allocation Plan (MAXCAP), which we’ve recently upgraded and enhanced with new features and capabilities ─ to help you develop indirect CAPs.*

Accounting For It All

MAXIMUS Cost Allocation Plan Services and the MAXCAP software help ensure that your costs are easily identified and allocated to your funding sources, including:

  • Federal and state programs, enterprise funds (such as water, sewer and airport), special purpose districts and bond funds
  • Overhead costs recovered by incorporating indirect cost rates into grant applications
  • Maintaining compliance with federal regulations (2 CFR Part 200 of the new Uniform Grants Guidance) and department-issued implementation guidance
  • General overhead costs recovered through user fees
  • Indirect overhead cost calculations for Indirect Cost Rate Proposals (ICRPs), hourly billing rates and user fees
  • Department overhead calculations
  • Federally-compliant cost plan requirements for federal grants cost recovery
  • Increases for SB 90 reimbursement

Benefits to You

MAXIMUS Cost Allocation Plan Services result in the recovery of millions of taxpayer dollars for our clients each year — while also adhering to all applicable regulations. Our experienced staff of financial professionals can help your organization realize a wealth of benefits, including the ability to:

  • Increase general fund revenue by recovering costs expended on federal and state programs, enterprise funds, special purpose districts and bond funds
  • Recover overhead costs by incorporating indirect cost rates in grant applications
  • Identify the full cost of providing services to other organizations
  • Identify central service costs of supporting internal service funds or enterprise funds, including those costs in the rates or fees charged to end-users

MAXIMUS does not currently offer the licensed use of MAXCAP to external users. We do offer a cost allocation processing service utilizing Microsoft Excel templates that are completed by the client. This allows the user to control their data inputs and cost allocation structure without a major investment in proprietary software or training. The only requirements for users are basic Excel skills and an understanding of their cost allocation methodology.