Document Management

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Providing reliable and repeatable document management solutions to improve operational efficiency and accuracy

Document Management

Governments increasingly face the challenge of processing more paperwork and documentation for their public programs. Managing higher volumes can be challenging for even the most efficient organization. Managing, processing and storing documents while maintaining service efficiency and accuracy requires a technology-based document management solution that builds upon industry best practices to support all of these functions in a paperless environment.

Reduction in Processing Times for High Volumes

MAXIMUS specializes in developing and implementing document management and imaging solutions that effectively support high volumes while reducing processing times, increasing accuracy and protecting against document loss. Our effective and efficient document management solution helps government agencies improve consumer access to critical program services.

Leveraging Experience to Achieve Results

To help our government clients improve operational efficiency and accuracy, MAXIMUS offers reliable, repeatable document management solutions. For nearly a decade, we have partnered with agencies to help achieve program objectives. We have helped state agencies in California, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas, creating end-to-end document management solutions in some of the largest programs in the United States.

Increasing Efficiency and Collaboration

The MAXIMUS document management solution provides government organizations with an electronic solution for collaboration and document management that offers:

  • Reduced costs through the use of online verification, error reduction, indexing and high-speed data capture and storage mechanisms for paper and electronic documents
  • Online document sharing and collaboration
  • Enhanced security and access controls for HIPAA compliance and sensitive information
  • Customizable workflows, approval and routing engines
  • Core repositories of information available to all authenticated users