Business Process Management

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Connecting citizens with government services through a proven methodology that’s effective, efficient and compliant

Business Process Management

Governments face increased demand for public services while dealing with the reality of decreased resources. MAXIMUS delivers innovative Business Process Management (BPM) solutions that contribute to improved outcomes for consumers and higher levels of productivity, accuracy, accountability and efficiency.

A Comprehensive Process

By being a responsible steward for government programs, we help governments deliver on their promises through our people, process and technology. We deliver our services and solutions through the skilled application of government BPM expertise, program experience, deep subject matter knowledge and technology tools.

Achieving Operational Efficiencies

MAXIMUS offers a rigorous BPM methodology to study, monitor and improve business process workflows in real time. Our BPM approach provides a number of tangible benefits:

  • Immediate visibility into process performance through real-time monitoring, providing a tool to monitor and drive process improvements, while adhering to performance standards
  • Enhanced ability to allocate staff resources efficiently by anticipating absenteeism, employee attrition, training gaps and volume-driven peaks and valleys
  • Real-time reporting and data-based process analysis, allowing the identification of process bottlenecks and detection of problems before they impact beneficiaries
  • Scenario modeling to reduce risk of operation disruptions by determining the impact of policy and/or procedural changes on underlying processes and systems