Gary Johnson

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Gary Johnson

Senior Project Manager, Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting Program

Mr. Johnson brings 15 years of management experience in customer service, including 10 years with MAXIMUS for human services program call centers. He provides oversight for all child support call center operations, including the Kansas Child Support Customer Center and the Wayne County (Detroit) Call Center, and manages the Maryland and Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting projects. Mr. Johnson managed the Pennsylvania Health and Human Services Call Center, which served multiple human services programs and various human services departments in Pennsylvania. He established a call center for an information and referral helpline, and trained and developed CSRs to achieve performance standards. Mr. Johnson co-created a customer retention team to reduce churn and created job manuals for CSRs and supervisors.

October 29, 2015

Chatting Up Employers Improves New Hire Reporting for Child Support


Pennsylvania achieved an immediate – and sustained – improvement in its electronic reporting rates by adding live chat to its new hire reporting website. By enabling employers to chat with program representatives while they upload data on new employees, Pennsylvania’s program is seeing greater accuracy and faster reporting times — enabling it to locate non-custodial parents and expedite the child support withholding process.


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