Ania Mendrek

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Ania Mendrek

Senior Manager, Business Development EU, MAXIMUS Global Group

Ania has worked in the welfare-to-work market for more than a decade, from overseeing the delivery of programmes to solution design, stakeholder management and supply chain management.


Prior to joining MAXIMUS, she oversaw the delivery of award-winning European Social Fund funded projects, focusing on supporting the hardest-to-reach job seekers. Always keen to share best practice without boundaries, Ania also provided advice to governments across Europe on commissioning pilot projects around tackling long-term unemployment and youth unemployment.


With seven years of operational, ‘hands-on’ experience delivering successful projects across the UK and Europe, Ania moved on to business development with a remit to design winning solutions that are innovative, cost-effective and aligned with customer needs. She has extensive experience in tenders which included Welfare-to-Work, Justice, Skills and Health. Her role involved the concept design, partnership strategy and stakeholder engagement. 

October 24, 2016

“No more business as usual” for European employment services


Across Europe, consensus is emerging among key stakeholders that the delivery of support for job seekers needs to be reformed to address persistent long-term unemployment. These stakeholders include European Commission officials, elected representatives in the European Parliament, third sector organizations, non-government organizations and trade associations.


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