Andy Beamon

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Andy Beamon

Senior Director, Strategic Innovation for Citizen Services, MAXIMUS Federal

Andy Beamon is Senior Director of Strategic Innovation for Citizen Services at MAXIMUS Federal and manages the development and delivery of the MAXIMUS Intelligent Assistant to federal agencies. Including tenures at Accenture, SallieMae and Navient, Andy has more than 25 years of experience with Global Fortune 100 and large federal agencies, working to transform their business processes and technologies with innovative solutions and services that improve the Citizen Journey®.  Andy has unique experience in implementing congressionally-mandated and agency-mandated programs that deliver services to citizens.

September 13, 2017

Three Ways Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Contact Centers


Beginning in the 1960s, when 1-800 numbers first became the de facto means of customer service, supporting citizens has evolved from one-way communication into a multichannel experience that is vital to how citizens get information from the government.