Friday Five - September 29, 2017

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September 29, 2017

In this week’s Friday Five, MAXIMUS is reading how Medicaid sustains many facets of the health system, the latest health care efforts in the Senate, and a new study that connects SNAP benefits to lower healthcare spending. 

1. Medicaid covers all that? It’s the backstop of America’s ailing healthcare system

This Kaiser Health News article describes the many different individuals and groups that are covered under Medicaid, which has grown to be the nation’s largest health insurance program, covering 1 in 5 Americans.  

2. Senate Republicans say they will not vote on health bill

On Tuesday, Senate Republicans announced that they would not bring the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill to a vote shortly after Sen. Susan Collins of Maine became the latest to voice her opposition, the New York Times reports. 

3. Senate passes bipartisan Medicare reform bill

On Tuesday night, after deciding not to vote on the Graham-Cassidy bill, The Hill reports the Senate passed the bipartisan CHRONIC Care Act, designed to increase efficiencies and cost savings within Medicaid. 

4. Congress’ Cold Shoulder Sends Shivers Through Community Health Centers

Congress has not yet reauthorized funding, which must happen by September 30, for community health centers and other health programs. Kaiser Health News reports this is causing detrimental effects for the centers, which would have to shutter locations, cut more than 50,000 jobs and leave 9 million people without health services without 2018 funding.

5. SNAP food aid program tied to lower health spending for poor

Reuters discusses a study that finds participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) was associated with $1400 less in healthcare spending per individual, as compared to non-participants. 


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