Featured Article in SEEN Magazine: “Taming Big Data to Advance Student Education”

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September 29, 2015

The promise of big data has been touted widely by leaders in nearly every industry, including education. Along the way, it has also created some trepidation about the sharing and use of personal information on a large-scale basis. In his recent article published in SEEN Magazine, Dr. Philip E. Geiger, Senior Vice President of the MAXIMUS K-12 Education Practice, discusses how school districts can harness the promise of big data to advance student education.

“Data has always been important to a teacher even before it came in the form of a computer printout, an interactive screen, online testing or any of the other numerous ways we obtain and use data today. Maybe that’s why I am not crazy about the term Big Data. It makes it sound like it’s something new. We definitely have more of it than we ever had before, but still less than we will have in the future,” Dr. Geiger explains. “For the teacher, one of the most important big data issues is finding a way to use it effectively without that process becoming overwhelming.”

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