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Webinar Series

The DecisionPointTM Webinar Series features subject matter experts on public health insurance programs, with a focus on lessons learned from experiences that states can apply to their current programs.

Engaging Consumers Through Their Preferred
Channels: Capitalizing on Mobile, Online and
Social Platforms for Medicaid Programs

Recorded Webinar | Slides

According to the Pew Research Center, 64 percent of Americans now own a smartphone. Their use extends beyond just communications, as it is also a primary device for accessing information. Through the use of mobile apps, responsive websites and social media, consumers are now managing their lives and conducting business, including interactions with their government, through these digital platforms. State Medicaid programs can seize the opportunity to engage their beneficiaries on their preferred channels by providing information and services through digital solutions.

In this webinar, MAXIMUS subject matter experts discuss the growing trend of communicating with Medicaid beneficiaries across digital platforms, to engage them when and where they prefer. They also share insights on how to develop strategies for creating and implementing tools consumers want to use and business case factors for using these platforms.

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