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Building careers, growing the workforce, improving lives

TANF Case Management

Our comprehensive approach to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) case management supports participants and their families to overcome barriers to employment. Because we fully appreciate the challenge of building long-term self-sufficiency, we help participants create individualized plans for ongoing support. As individuals establish routines and achieve stability, our staff helps them position themselves for wage increases and career advancement, transforming jobs into sustainable careers.

Dedicated to the Communities We Serve

The success of our programs is, in large part, dependent upon the strength of our partnerships with community stakeholders. To build economic self-sufficiency and move individuals out of poverty, it really does "take a village." It requires the involvement of schools, community based-organizations, libraries, advocacy groups, faith-based communities, health care providers, employers, and the list goes on. MAXIMUS brings together this diverse array of stakeholders to support participants as they work to achieve and sustain self-sufficiency.

Innovation at Work

Our comprehensive TANF employment services include:

We use a suite of automated tools, including our case management system, WorkQWEST™, and our call and mail house centers, to support these services.

Program Consulting

MAXIMUS also offers TANF program consulting services to help you find new efficiencies, expand and create new programs, and identify new technologies to meet the unique needs of your beneficiaries.