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Ensuring quality special education for students with developmental disabilities

Futures Education

Working with our partner Futures Education, we provide your school with a full range of resources to meet the unique needs of special education students. From professional staffing and clinical assessments to the re-design of special education delivery systems, we partner with you to improve your special education services and run them more efficiently.

Special Education Services

From program and fiscal analysis to IDEA compliance monitoring, we can customize a solution for improving your district's special education services.

Educational Services Analysis

We help you develop more effective special education programs through a comprehensive review of your current services, focusing on accountability, caseload size and distribution. Based on a rigorous program review, we provide you with custom reports and recommendations for program modifications.

Operations & Management

To help districts meet the growing number of special needs students, we offer two ways to help you manage your district's special education delivery system.

Manage Your Current System

Provide a range of solutions for running your services more efficiently, including staff augmentation and management, caseload distribution and quality assurance.

Provide Outsourcing Services

Assume responsibility for all requisite staff and related service providers for your special education program, providing cost savings to your district, and enhancing outcomes for students with special needs.

Consultation & Program Execution

We offer a full range of special education consulting services. Whether you need expertise or full-service execution, we can help you with:

  • Educational assessment
  • IEP planning and management
  • Direct instructional services
  • Classroom intervention and consultation
  • IDEA compliance monitoring
  • Transition planning
  • Professional development
  • Facilitation of IEP/504 plan development
  • Relationships with medical personnel and related service providers
  • Management of IEP mediation, conferences, and hearings

Specialized Services

To help you build a skilled team of professionals, we can provide speech and language therapists, occupational and physical therapists, psychologists and nurses. With a demonstrated track record of delivering outstanding results, our personnel leverage best practices for design, management and accountability of your special education programs, while controlling program costs.