Helping the government deliver federal services efficiently and effectively

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MAXIMUS Federal Services is entirely focused on helping government agencies run programs cost-effectively and serve program constituents with improved outcomes. By being a responsible steward for government programs, we help the federal government deliver on its promises through our people, process and technology. Our focus is always on outcomes and results that connect citizens more effectively with government services. It's all we do and has been our single focus for 40 years.

We deliver our solutions through the skilled application of government business process management (BPM) expertise, program experience, deep subject matter knowledge and technology tools in our primary service areas:

Our services are supported by extensive experience and proven expertise in a wide range of essential areas, including:

The Citizen Journey

Every interaction – from beginning-to-end – that consumers have when seeking a government service becomes part of their Citizen Journey. Whether it’s accessing a government website, calling a contact center, or visiting an agency office, they are all interactions that reflect on their experience and perception of the process. Learn More...

Contract Vehicles

MAXIMUS holds a number of government contracts pertaining to health care reform efforts. Our project managers are experienced in delivering and supporting technical service engagements and can help you define your task, prepare budgets, and draft necessary documentation. MAXIMUS Federal draws on experts across our entire Company to make these services available quickly and with minimum paperwork, under time-and-material, firm fixed price or cost option contracts. Learn More...

Dedicated to Government Program Success

MAXIMUS Federal Services is part of MAXIMUS, sharing a single focus on Helping Government Serve the People® since 1975. To improve the efficiency, effectiveness and cost-savings for our government partners, and to improve the experience for those receiving government services, we:

  • Serve as a large successful partner to the federal government
  • Run and support programs to help the government serve constituents with better outcomes
  • Provide a deep understanding of federal processes and programs
  • Apply award-winning business process management expertise and innovation to government requirements in a systematic methodology
  • Combine process expertise with deep program knowledge to provide cost-effective solutions that connect citizens more effectively with services
  • Stay technology independent, financially stable and dedicated solely to government program success
  • Maintain the highest levels of independence with the strongest conflict of interest policy in the industry and no organizational or financial relationship with any segment of the commercial health industry